Everything we make starts out by rolling out the clay on a table – like we are making a pie crust. When the clay is rolled to the proper thickness, we choose a piece of lace and press it into the wet clay. This process does not hurt the lace at all, so it can be used over and over.

Once this is done, we begin to form the piece. Using a mold or form, the wet clay is draped, rolled or pressed into the desired shape. The newly-formed piece is then placed in the drying room for 3 or 4 days so that it will dry as slowly and evenly as possible.

Next, the completely dry piece (or as we call it “greenware”) is walked to the other side of the studio for the next seven steps. Each piece is hand-sanded to remove any shape edges and placed into a kiln to be bisque fired.

After the first firing the bisque ware is washed, signed, wax-footed and glazed. Each piece is then carefully loaded into either the gas or electric kiln (depending on the glaze) and fired a second time.

For a piece to go though all nine steps takes an average of a Month.