Custom Work

Special Orders

We are more than happy to do commission work if you see something you like but might prefer a different color or pattern, at no extra cost.

Often clients will bring in their own lace for us to create an instant family hierloom. Since the process does not hurt the lace, we are able to return it in the condition that we received it. You just decide what you want made and what glaze you like and we do the rest. Also, it isn’t just lace we can use, it can also be tatting, embroidery or any fabric with a three dimensional quality to it.

Again there is no extra charge for a commissioned piece, however there is a $400 minimum on special orders.

Wedding & Gift Registries

We are happy to help, if you would like to register with Hofman Studios for a bridal or gift registry. You may choose from what we have in the Gallery or (as explained above) we can make your special order registry using your own lace or one of our laces and using your color preferences.

All you do is make a list of what you want and we do the rest. As people make purchases from your Registry, we email you with all their information so you may keep up on thank-you cards.