In a world of sameness, Hofman Studios offers you something truly unique.  Each piece of our pottery is made using antique lace, some centuries old, to create objects that will be cherished for generations to come. Using the materials that nature has provided, we formulate glazes that dress each piece in a skin of dazzling colors. Colors that often mimic precious gems, stones and weathered metals.

People have been using objects to create patterns in clay for centuries. Most artists today use things found in nature, such as sea shells, leaves, etc. in making their work. I find the patterns and endless variety of lace irresistible. In addition to the use of lace, our choice of clay adds to the uniqueness of our work. Porcelain is clay, just a very special type of clay. By using porcelain I am able to craft pieces with a defined elegance of thinness and lightness but still have a profound structural integrity. Finally our glazes dress each piece in a cornucopia of colors. Culling the earth’s vast deposits of minerals, we blend our own glazes to dazzle the eyes.

Michael Hofman graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a fine arts degree and then received a Masters Degree in Art from The Ohio State University.  He has been involved with galleries and the arts during full course of his career.  He's called Asheville home for the last 15 years.